An embellished floral welcome to the Spring….


I enjoyed my Holi in a very secretive and different way. Hope you guys too had a colourful and joyous Holi.
Holi bids a goodbye to winters and marks the beginning of Spring season- A season of joy, colour, happiness and refreshment.

My today’s blog deals with a new dressing scheme giving a new refreshing and natural look to perfectly welcome this spring season.

I am introducing the “a-b-a-b” styling scheme from head to toe.
“a” determines floral element while “b” determines plain black solid colour block. Keep reading to get the look and the scheme.



Bangles are always my first love ❤


An embellished floral welcome to this Spring season


A breezy, knee-length floral skater skirt(a) is perfect for this season, which is indeed related to flowers and blossoms. Pull out all the skirts hidden in your wardrobes this season and accessorise it with some nature-inspired jewellery and footwear.

Dress with light material and nature inspired prints make you fit in the March frame.


Knee-length skirt suits every type of body frame. I paired this intentionally with a plain black crop top(b) to keep the look simple.



I am completely in love with my nude pink lip colour.





And as always, a silver embellished statement necklace gives a classic look to the top. The combination of black and ornate silver is just awesome and royal.

To lighten this classic look I added a season inspired tiara(a) with flowers and leaves.


The combination of statement neck piece and a nature-inspired tiara gave a classic royal yet an easy to go look. The flowy skirt adds the natural element to the look.

To complete the look I paired a black animal-printed, ankle-length boots(b) which finished my  “a-b-a-b ”  dressing scheme.  A pair of feather-shaped long metallic earrings suits my round face ultimately completing the look.



Hope you guys loved this look.

You can always try this ever usable dressing scheme for any occasion. Would be back next time with more styling schemes. Till then keep reading, liking and sharing.

Enter this spring season with a new energy and a new look.

Be back soon… 🙂 Till then… Love and lots of love.. ❤

-Yukta Upadhyay  ❤







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