Short Dress Etiquettes and Style

To all the sexy ladies out there… Trust me you are beautiful :*  Hope you are not feeling the scorching heat as I’m feeling here in Maharashtra.

Well, today I’m here to remind you of few styling etiquettes while wearing short dresses. These are perfect to match this weather. However, they are also admirable at parties and casually too.

What you wear is what defines you. And your definition shouldn’t be spoiled just because of any oops moment while carrying your dress.

Here are few things to take care while wearing short dresses:

1. Don’t forget to wear confidence:

Confidence is something that enhances your beauty. If you have worn something make sure you are comfortable with it. This feeling of comfort will stimulate the feeling of confidence. Don’t pull down your dress again and again beyond its natural length. This looks very bad. Believe me.


2. Get your legs prepared:

Shave your legs properly and don’t forget to use leg makeup, if your skin isn’t toned. It’s what you are showing and needs equal care as your face.


3. Correct pair up with other garments.


it’s awesome if your legs are toned and perfectly shaped. But, if they aren’t or you aren’t comfortable then don’t feel awkward to pair your dress with a legging, stocking socks or boots. It’s perfectly fine to do so. Also, don’t forget to wear cycling short or tights below you skirt or shorts.

4.Watch for stairs and the wind: 

Be extra cautious while climbing up the stair and also at the windy and airy places. Don’t jump around. Be elegant and calm taking care of your look. Make sure your knees are closed to each other even when you sit.


5. Pairing with Shrug:


The latest in the trend is matching your shorts or skirts with a shrug, longer than your dress length. This looks super sexy and cool. Buy some kimonos or slit dress and pair it up with your short dresses, to get that flowy and bubbly look.

6. Do not over accessorise it:

Short dresses are the style statement by themselves and don’t need to be over accessorised. Make it simple, but significant.

The above mentioned were not all but few of the things which you should keep in mind while carrying a short dress. I hope this would help you, the next time you wear those sexy SBD and casual shorts.

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See you guys soon… 🙂


Love ❤

Yukta Upadhyay



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