Style DIY: Tassel Ear-rings

Hello, beautiful readers!!
Hope you had a lovely time while I was off. I constantly received your love via emails and Instagram messages. Thank you so much!! :*
Since many of you were asking me about my other DIY projects after reading my previous blog(which had DIY choker), I got the perfect idea for my new blog. My today’s blog will include a style DIY, which is indeed making your own tassel earrings.


A few days back I was scrolling the online stores and I could only see the pair of tassel ear-rings everywhere and so I decided to make one for myself.

Tassels are in trend so much that you could find them everywhere.

Not only these are easy to make,but they are perfect to give your outfit a Boho or a street style look. 


Things needed to own your pair of tassel ear-rings:

  • A pair of scissors.
  • Small bangle or bottle cap.
  • Old earrings or ear ring hooks.
  • Thread (any colour, satin looks perfect).
  • A tooth brush or paint brush.
  • Bobby pin(only 1).
  • Fevicol.
  • Beads and red glitter dust.




Wrap the thread around the bangles as shown in the picture. Continue till you get sufficient no. of wraps.


Place the bobby pin around the upper bundle of threads to separate it from the lower.Put the circular chain hook around the centre of the upper partition of the bundle of threads.

Cut the lower bundle of threads from the point exactly below the chain hook.



Put the chain hook to the earring hook. Put some fevicol or glue on the upper side, near the hook.




Gently place the thread on the fevicol very tightly covering all the fevicol. A golden colour thread or a jewellery wire is a better option. Let the fevicol dry.



Brush the strands, to bring uniformity. You can add some shimmer to it by putting some glittery powder on it with your brush. Add more glam by braiding the tassel in different styles.


Use your creativity to add certain beads and stones on it.


You can pair these with traditional dresses or off-shoulder dresses. These are just perfect to give you Boho and Street style look.

These are light-weight and visually appealing to give you an elegant look. So try it out and share your pictures with me.


If you love it then share it. I am always ready for suggestions and your views which you can place in the comment box below.

I’ll be back in a week, with something different, till then keep reading …

Happy DIY. 🙂

Love ❤

Yukta Upadhyay @yukta’s utopia









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