In the trend

Hello people,
So here I am starting my first blog.
My today’s blog is about a skirt. A skirt is always in trend. It not only covers your body beautifully, but also brings out your body curves, making you a trendsetter. My first few blogs will bring out various kinds of skirts in various looks.
My first look for my first blog comes with a “mini-skirt”. I specifically chose a royal blue color which definitely looks royal. A plain blue skirts with frill at the bottoms, highlights your walk.


I paired this plain skirt with a top with zebra colored checks. I avoided a plain top or else it would have look very simple.


I tried to keep the look simple. I paired it with black bellies, along with accessories in black metal. The accessories include a neck-piece, a pair of ear-rings and a bracelet.



I particularly liked this look very much. What do you people think?
My next blog will include another kind of skirt….
I’m super excited to be back… Till then keep subscribing..

You can always contact me to know from where to get the look…


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