An embellished floral welcome to the Spring….

HAPPY HOLI!! 🙂 🙂 I enjoyed my Holi in a very secretive and different way. Hope you guys too had a colourful and joyous Holi. Holi bids a goodbye to winters and marks the beginning of Spring season- A season of joy, colour, happiness and refreshment. My today's blog deals with a new dressing scheme giving … Continue reading An embellished floral welcome to the Spring….


Short Dress Etiquettes and Style

To all the sexy ladies out there... Trust me you are beautiful :*  Hope you are not feeling the scorching heat as I'm feeling here in Maharashtra. Well, today I'm here to remind you of few styling etiquettes while wearing short dresses. These are perfect to match this weather. However, they are also admirable at … Continue reading Short Dress Etiquettes and Style